An International
Journey into the
Passion of Fly Fishing

The Revival Edition. Now available on a stream near you!

Trout Grass returns! Remastered in high definition, the acclaimed documentary is here with The Revival Edition. The bonus-filled DVD includes a new commentary track with writer David James Duncan and craftsman Glenn Brackett. Plus, deleted scenes, outtakes, and a special short film featuring the world's foremost Tonkin cane purveyor, Andy Royer.

The 10,000-mile Journey

"We're trying to catch a ride out there. Trying to catch a ride our souls can keep riding forever." —David James Duncan

Unveiling the magic of international camaraderie, fine craftsmanship, and majestic rivers, Trout Grass tracks the 10,000-mile journey of bamboo around the world. From lush forests in China's Huaiji County to a rustic workshop in Twin Bridges, Montana, the film is a scenic and captivating ride into the passion of fly fishing.

Can one material transmit power, awareness, or love better than another? Is a fly rod just a fishing stick? Or is a bamboo rod a little something more? Catch the ride and see for yourself. Watch the award-winning documentary Trout Grass, remastered for 2020 in High Definition as The Revival Edition.

“…a beautifully crafted film…”

New West

“This is a fantastic journey!”


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"A rod extends a fly fisher's being as surely as do imagination, empathy, or prayer." —David James Duncan

Trout outline with pictures of fly-maker, and women gathering bamboo