An International
Journey into the
Passion of Fly Fishing

“A fly rod extends a fly fisher's being as surely as do imagination, empathy, or prayer."

David James Duncan

The 10,000-mile Journey

We're trying to catch a ride out there. Trying to catch a ride our souls can keep riding forever.

For many anglers, a fly rod is more than a fishing instrument. It's an antenna, capturing signals of the natural world. But what about the process that turns ordinary materials into extraordinary tools? And why do people continue to spend their days happily wading in rivers if they do not keep what they capture?

Unveiling the magic of international camaraderie, fine craftsmanship, and majestic rivers, Trout Grass tracks the 10,000-mile journey of bamboo around the world. From a lush forest in China's Huaiji County to a rustic workshop in Montana, the film documents the transformation of a tenacious grass into a finished fly rod.

“…a beautifully crafted film…”

New West

“This is a fantastic journey!”


Now on Digital and Deluxe DVD

Trout Grass returns! Remastered in high definition, the acclaimed documentary is back as the Revival Edition. The bonus-filled DVD includes a new commentary track with David James Duncan and Glenn Brackett, plus deleted scenes, outtakes, and a special short film featuring Andy Royer.

Trout outline with pictures of fly-maker, and women gathering bamboo